As per the University Grants Commission's (UGC) directive, Cluny had arranged for students of classes Vi to VIII to listen to Modi's speech 'Pariksha Par Charcha' that took place in the Talkatora stadium.

PM Modi often addresses the concerns of students on his radio show ‘Mann ki Baat'. He has also authored the book 'Exam Warriors' for students with the aim to get them through the stress of appearing for exams with a smile.
The gist of his speech is as follows:

My young friends, always keep the student in you alive, self confidence comes by challenging ourselves and working hard. We should always think of bettering ourselves:

Use Yoga as a means of relieving stress, he says. He talks about how different asanas can help in relaxing the mind and easing up the nervousness which gives a positive energy reduces stress. Concentration isn't something that has to be specifically learnt. Every person does concentrate on something or the other during the day, it may be while reading, hearing a song, talking to a friend. Do not compete with others, compete with yourself. Every student has its own potential. For students, one timetable or a schedule can't be appropriate for the full year. It is essential to be flexible and make best use of one's time.

No matter what you choose as a career option you must give it your 100 per cent. The will to do something is a great motivator, it guides you to chose the roadmap to your success. I focus on learning and make it your religion; exams, results and marks are by-product of your work. If you think too much about results it comes in the way of achieving other things. In politics too, I believe in working and do not care about the result.
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